Radio Panel
    • Hardware Test Button

      Allows to check if hardware is working correctly

    • Individual configurable Displays

      Decide what number to be shown selected by the mode selector and other freely programmable conditions

    • Programmable Pushbuttons

      Short / long press

    • Adjustable increase/decrease steps and acceleration

    • Virtual power support

      Turn device on/off based on preconditions

Saitek's Pro Flight Radio Panel is a full dual radio display effectively removing the need to use finicky onscreen controls. All buttons and switches are freely configurable using SPAD.neXt and provide multi-purpose-use using precondtions.

Hardware Test Button

Will set the device into a test mode where LED/Displays on the device will show random numbers. Press it again to deactivate the test mode.

Configurable Display

The Display is freely configurable. You can show data depending on selector positions and/or preconditions.

Configurable Tuners

Tuner steps and acceleration for counter-/clockwise turning are freely configurable

Virtual Power

Supports the SPAD.neXt virtual power configuration to turn device on/off based on precondiftions.

Preconfigured snippets available

Preconfigured panel available in the online snippet database to take off immediate for stanard aircraft

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