Connect to VoiceAttack

SPAD.neXt VoiceAttack plugin

VoiceAttack >= required!

  * Quit VoiceAttack
  * In <VoiceAttackInstallDir>\Apps create a directory "SPAD.neXt"
  * Copy "C:\Program Files\SPAD.neXt\GamePlugins\Voiceattack\snVoiceAttack_plugin.dll" to that Directory

For the plugin to work you will need to enable Apps in VoiceAttack.

VoiceAttack and SPAD.neXt need to run on the same computer.


The plugin will use the variables ''snSTATUS'' ("OK" or "ERROR") to signal if the call was successful.
if ''snSTATUS'' is "ERROR" the variable ''snMESSAGE'' will contain the error message.

Always set the checkbox at "Wait for plugin function to finish"!

using the boolean-variable ''snDEBUG'' you can toggle debug output of the plugin on and off.


Available "context" values for VoiceAttack:


Retrieve a variable Value from SPAD.neXt.
decimal ''VariableName'' to contain the full variable name from SPAD.neXt (e.g. ''LOCAL!SYSTEM READY''). Given in decimalVariables

Important: all '':'' (colon) need to be replaced by ''!'' (exclamation mark) due to a limitation of VoiceAttack

The variable named like the value you queried (e.g. ''LOCAL!SYSTEM READY'') will contain the variable value.

**Important**: all '':'' (colon) will be replaced by ''!'' (exclamation mark) due to a limitation of VoiceAttack


Set a variable value within SPAD.neXt

decimal ''variableName'' (e.g. ''LOCAL!SYSTEM READY'') needs to contain the new value
**Important**: all '':'' (colon) need to be replaced by ''!'' (exclamation mark) due to a limitation of VoiceAttack


Execute an event within SPAD.neXt

Following textvariables need to filled and passed to the call:

''snDevice'' must contain the target device (e.g. '06A3:0D06:0' for the first Multi-Panel in system
''snSwitch'' must contain the name of the switch the event shall be executed on (e.g. 'MULTIPANEL_BUTTON_AP' for the Autopilot button
''snEvent'' must contain the name of the event to execute (e.g. 'VALUEON' to emulate a short press )
''snParameter'' must contain the parameter needed by the event , if any

To get an overview of the Devices/Swtches/Events available on you system, in SPAD.neXt navigate to ''Settings->Application->Expert'' and press the button next to the "Remote Service"-Setting.
It will generate a PDF-Document for your system.

You can preview a sample of this document here:

Demo Profile

Source Code

For your reference the source code of the plugin is available at GitHub SPAD.neXt Public Code

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