Complete Edition

The SPAD.neXt 'complete' Edition contains everything from the FSX/P3D/MSFS and X-Plane edition.

Additionally it contains:

  • all addons available now or in future with a price below 20 € (without VAT)
  • exclusive special deals
  • Exclusive features
    • Customizable FIP Spashscreen
    • Create Device/Profile Documentation
    • Virtual Devices
    • SCS Simulation (ETS2 / ATS)
    • iRacing
    • Q400 Cockpit Edition (Will speed up Q400 pro readouts as well)
    • Elgato Streamdeck Support
    • Cockpitmaster CDU
  • early access to new features
  • free additional Licenses for secondary PC

All licenses are life-time licenses with one year of free product updates.

All owners of SPAD.neXt who bought the license before November 24th 2016 (UTC) are granted a special price. To claim your complete edition upgrade,start SPAD.neXt and head to Settings->Registration. You will find a "Upgrade to complete editon" button there. If your license is eligable for a special upgrade it will be automatically applied on the checkout page.

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