I've been following development of SPAD.neXt since the very early days, when the Saitek drivers, notably those for the FIPs with continual rearrangement of gauges, totally sucked. I can't imagine flying without SPAD.neXt today. I use Saitek Switch, Radio, Multi Panels, 9 FIPs, Cessna Yoke, Pedals, Trimwheel, and TPM, all mounted in a XTOP panel and running via several powered Hubs connected to a networked laptop. All controls and stuff in Prepar3d are off. This way I can dispense with a panel on the main display which frees quite an amount of resources. Now that we have profiles and snippets it's yet smarter to use even if you are (like me) not that fluent with coding.


I notably like (i) SPAD.neXt's reliablity and (ii) resposiveness of the author in case of questions/proposals etc.

Michael Basler

This program is a vast improvement to the old version of SPAD. Although this is a different new program still in it's infancy, what the developer has achieved already is quit remarkable. It may look daunting at first, but like all things new; once the learning curve kicks in it is very intuitive. Although the developer has allowed a simple free version, it comes alive when the full purchased version is used with the LVAR'S.

With many simmers using Saitek controls, the down side has always been the poor software that Saitek supply. At long last a program that rectifies the lack of setting Saitek for managed use in the sim is now available and will be a bonus to all enthusiastic sim pilots. Fully recommended you buy the full version if you wish to improve Saitek controls, for better imersion in the Flight Sim..

William James Lambe

A "Must Have" for Saitek Panels!
This is a very good program for anyone using Saitek panels. It gives complete ability to customize the panels for different aircraft.
It also makes the panels work great with the PMDG 737NGX.
I have a lot to learn about using this program, but it didn't take me long to get it set up with my Multipanel, Switch Panel and two radio panels to use with the NGX.
The support by the developer from their forums is very good.
Don't expect to understand this program as soon as you see it. It will take a little bit studying from forum and Wiki at https://spad501.wordpress.com/
After a little it will start making sense.
It really has a nice user interface and the program is well thought out.
It is a lot more complicated than the standard driver interface that comes with the Saitek panels, but it has so many more options for customizing the panels.

Robert Yunque

Absolutely essential program if you fly FSX with add on aircraft and have saitek panels. The sheer power to customise every button, dial, display and light to pretty much anything you want. So much far beyond what saitek could do (and they make the hardware!).

Try it for yourself and check out the videos / instructions on how it works. indespensable.

david christie

"Having been a sim "pilot" for over 30 years, I can tell you that the development of Spad.Next will enhance the world of flight simulations for years to come. If you are just starting out or maybe a "rusty" pilot, student pilot or 500+ hour logbook real-world pilot, having the capability of re-creating the real world feeling of flying (without spending $10,000 on a full-motion set-up) is now possible with this program. Add a yoke and rudder system, few panels, switches and anything else, and getting in the air has never been easier! If you know nothing about programming or maybe you are a little "scared" of technology, Spad.Next will allow you to set your simulator the way you want, not the way any manufacturer says in their instructions. With some very easy to follow steps & just a few clicks of the mouse you will be doing things with your set-up un-imaginable just a few short years ago. Of course, if you are fearless and love to get your hands "dirty" with programming and technology, the program can achieve things only limited by your imagination. I started using the program when it first arrived and been impressed with the ease of use and the support from day one! Run, don't walk to download and try it.

Dave Lourie

Simply put, Saitek delivered their equipment with 'proof of life software' installed. Spadnext accepted delivery, purged this POL/POS software (they put it in a bag for you to keep-I think they find that funny), and make it work better then the dim witted fools who built the equipment in the first place ever dreamed it could. Then they partner with companies like fipgauges.com, who design the best looking multi functional gauges currently on the market, and make them work flawlessly with the latest flight simulators that dominate the market and are continuously updating their products to ensure such. Is it worth the cost? YES!

David Torres

Currently SPAD.NEXT is a multibrand platform. Not only Saitek(Logitech) users “must have” it.  It’s  a continuously  developing  software supporting  most popular hardware devices with most popular Sim ( FSX, P3D,X-plane )  and  not for “flying maniacs” too . As  a beta tester of some of SPAD’s  directions I can with pride in voice say that supported devices are working as expected.  SPAD  gives  to any person the opportunity of reprogram some functionality of your hardware or establish special connections between  modules to Add-on Aircrafts ( as PMDG, A2A…) using the advantages of  the on line snippets of set of profiles. Special thanks to SPAD. NEXT support team.  They are hardworking  people to make customers really enjoy their products. Just a word,  about support of GOFLIGHT MCP PRO with PMDG 737 NGX. AS a beta tester of this direction I  guarantee that with  the on line snippet by “cOnnex”  for PMDG 737 it works as the real MCP with all supported modes and functionality and  gives more functionality then  a “base” software for GOFLIGHT MCP PRO to use with PMDG airplanes. With the best regards.

Dmitry "Nemmo" B738 Sim Pilot
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