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SPAD.neXt Gauge Extensions

Gauges loaded into SPAD.neXt have to match this schema:gauge.xsd

SPAD.neXt is generally Saitek SaiSimFlightX compatible, but it has NOT implemented Saitek Bugs:

Saitek gauges require a Non-Space-Character before a closing brace “}” e.g. in if{ statements:
if{ someexpression %} els{ someotherexpression %}
SPAD.neXt does not support this. You will need to alter the gauge accordingly and remove the %

Extensions for Expressions

To access LVAR use the prefix L:

(L:AB_MCP_AP_ON, Number)

To access FSUIPC Offsets use the Prefix F:

(F:0000:0AB2, Number)

To access other simulation data use the prefix T:SIMNAME:

(T:PMDG737:1000:010E) or (T:PMDG737:Glareshield.Mode Control Panel.Altude)

Local Variables access

X:VARNAME = Local var , will not be saved, will always be initialized to 0´ when profile loaded
G:VARNAME = Local var, Value will be saved to the GAUGE, loaded to that value again when the gauge is loaded
D:VARNAME = Local var, Value will be saved to the DEVICE, loaded to that value again when the device is loaded
P:VARNAME = Local var , Value will be saved to the PROFILE , and loaded to that value when the profile is loaded
(Exception (P:SIMULATION RATE,Number) and (P:UNITS OF MEASURE,Number) still work as expected.

Additional Time-Variables

All time variables as shown here can be used with the “X:”-Prefix to retrieve the local computer time as UTC/Local.
To get the local computer hour you would use


Dynamic Images

The Image-Tag supports the following extensions for dynamically changing images:

  • Attribute “Dynamic”
  • Sub-tag “Value”

See: Example for dynamic images

Dynamic Labels

In order to show numbers on the gauge, SPAD.neXt support an additional sub element: <Label>

See: Dynamic Labels

Extended Button Configuration

To assign a function to a FIP button other than a SimConnect Control Event, you can deliver an extended button configuration together with your gauge.
Just configure the button as desired within SPAD.neXt, and then export the button configuration (copy to clipboard and save to a file) to a file BUTTONNAME.bml in the gauge main directory.
The following buttons are supported:


SPAD.neXt also defines an additional tag for providing settings in a gauge:

  <GaugeSettings .....>
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